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DevExpress CodeRush 20.1 Logo

DevExpress CodeRush 20.1

Write code at the speed of thought. Find and fix defects. Refactor with ease. Visualize code and and debug.

From £30.00
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DevExpress DevExtreme 20.1 Complete Logo

DevExpress DevExtreme 20.1 Complete

Build highly responsive Mobile and Web applications for touch devices and traditional desktops.

From £410.00
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DevExpress DevExtreme Mobile

Create responsive HTML5 JavaScript SPA Mobile Enterprise apps that meet the needs of the BYOD world. 

From £146.00
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DevExpress DevExtreme Web Logo

DevExpress DevExtreme Web

Your Next Great HTML5 App Starts Here. HTML5-JavaScript Data Grid Widget

From £175.00
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DevExpress Document Server Logo

DevExpress Document Server

Read and Write XLS, PDF, DOC, RTF Files. Create Snap Reports,Generate Barcodes and Compressed Archives.

From £350.00
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DevExpress DXperience Logo

DevExpress DXperience

Build applications for Windows, Web, mobile and tablet with ALL of the DevExpress single platform controls.

From £875.00
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DevExpress Office File API Logo

DevExpress Office File API

Cross-platform .NET Library to fully automate MS Excel and Word without using Microsoft Office automation

From £350.00
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DevExpress Report Server Logo

DevExpress Report Server

High-Performance Enterprise Reporting. The Enterprise Ready Cost-Effective Report Server. 

From £345.00
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DevExpress Reporting Logo

DevExpress Reporting

Reporting for All Major platforms including WinForms, ASP.Net, and WPF. .NET Reporting for any data provider.

From £350.00
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DevExpress TestCafe Logo

DevExpress TestCafe

Cross browser, OS and device Web App Testing - Automate QA processes and test your websites and apps.

From £295.00
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DevExpress Universal 20.1 Logo

DevExpress Universal 20.1

Windows Desktop & Web Controls, Enterprise & Server Tools, Frameworks & Productivity, iOS, Android & Xamarin

From £1,280.00
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DevExpress VCL 20.1 Logo

DevExpress VCL 20.1

210+ VCL controls for Delphi and C++Builder. For superior performance and rich UI experiences.

From £350.00
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