New Features in Winforms v19.2

« Back to News List | By Lucinda Braithwaite | 07 Mar 2020
Image of New Features in Winforms v19.2
New Gantt (CTP)

The new DevExpress WinForms Gantt Control is a powerful project management tool that allows you to schedule tasks and monitor the progress of projects.

THe new DeveExpress WinForms Gantt control ships with a variety of high-impact features including:

  • Data binding support
  • Multiple task types
  • Working days and holiday tracking
  • Configurable task appearance options
  • Time scale customization
  • Data filtering, sorting, etc.
  • Scroll and zoom options
  • Printing support
  • DirectX Hardware Acceleration for the fastest possible performance

The ExtraGantt by DevExpress (C# Code) - - DirectX


New SvgImageBox

DevExpress's new WinForms SvgImageBox control displays an SVG image and allows users to interact with individual image elements via selection and hot-track. The control's API allows you to access and customize image elements (for instance, hide or change their appearance) and respond to user actions.

Customise image elements