Benefits of Full Text and Zonal OCR with DocSight OCR

« Back to Blog List | By George Wright | 10 Dec 2018
Image of Benefits of Full Text and Zonal OCR with DocSight OCR

ActivePDF leads the world in integrated paperless business solutions providing a market leading suite of powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Zonal Capture developer components and solutions to drive operational efficiencies.

Organisations looking to accelerate business cycles and reduce the manual handling of incoming paper forms can optimize workflows with the following benefits using ActivePDF’s DocSight OCR:

• Reduce manual keying and paper receipt, processing and storage
• Dramatically increase data accuracy and speed
• Accelerate business processing workflows
• Reduce input costs


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR combines artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and “computer vision” to intelligently scan documents and extract the required information into usable data with assigned workflows.

OCR scanning technology can be applied to all documents including business cards, delivery dockets, work orders, applications, receipts, stored document files, agreements and so much more. Effectively any piece of paper or emailed document can be scanned, data extracted and relevant actions triggered on the basis of the data collected and the workflow rules.

Zonal Data Capture

Zonal Capture allows you to extract only specific areas of interest from within a document such as Delivery Docket Number and Date. It is primarily used for large volume document processing where it is not essential that all information on the page is being collected, but rather you can specify one or more fields to be collected.

Zonal OCR