Benefits of Custom Application Development

« Back to Blog List | By George Wright | 13 Dec 2016
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The most important relationships of software application development companies, is with its clients. To maintain a close knit relationship, the development company really need to comprehend, as its utmost priority, how to implement and execute the customer's requirements. At a time when firms are making every effort to become unique achievers, a simple software package with ready-made applications, may restrict their ability to win opportunities.

To guarantee uniqueness in business objectives, a bespoke or customer-friendly application is the best solution. Bespoke functionality performed by custom applications can deliver better end results, as desired by the customer.  A customised software application is specified on the basis of the needs and preferences of the client and their desired business objectives.

Custom-made software application written using the latest frameworks, solely for the customer's use and not necessarily for the masses, is the definition of custom software development. Any business related issues or processes of the client, can easily be altered at the time of writing of the software with the client's consent and this is where the principal advantage of custom application development is found.

Once the software is made and sold to the customer, there is little requirement to change the bespoke software application as it is already made to a client driven specification. In case of a pre-developed application package, a client could have to go through a painstaking process of restructuring their objective so as to compliment the software application (which is typically not preferred). Otherwise, they may need to contact the software application developer for changes in the current application to meet their needs. This uses up a considerable amount of valuable resources with no guarantee of an outcome. The downside of a bespoke software application that is developed for a single client or a group (an organisation) means the entire price of development has to be borne by a single customer which, is not the case with pre-developed software.

Post-development, custom application saves time as the client does not require any customisation of the application. The time spent during the course of the specification of a bespoke software application could be longer. But, this should not be an obstacle in deciding between off-the-shelf and bespoke software for a company's specific requirements, as the application's life cycle may extend throughout the development phases. And why does this occur? This is because; to get the perfect bespoke application as the end product, requires rigorous analysis to understand, evaluate and perfectly execute the processes to transform them into an application.

Once again, off-the-shelf software may benefit from less expenditure, however the high expense during the development of custom software application is due to underlying research and extensive analysis to ensure the product meets the customer's requirements and business needs.

A few of the examples of custom application development include:-

  1. Software for mobiles (phone access, automated mail triggers on event, interfacing with secure systems and high security reports)
  2. Custom database design
  3. Corporate web applications (building business intranets and customer facing applications)

A dedicated bespoke software developer stays in regular touch with the client via video conference, telephone or email message and chat, irrespective of being offshore or onshore. This is one of the most important task as the needs can be communicated frequently and no scope for doubts is created. Both the pre-development and post-development of the custom software call for communication. The customer would supply the software company with info required to commence the development and the developer would be needed to explain the working of a software application as well as to eliminate any possible errors.

The utilisation of custom software works faster, quality business results for the financial savings. A process-driven working model is followed by such companies which also involves pilot run and user acceptance tests. The development team involved in developing bespoke application has sound domain knowledge as well as is aware of the competitors in the business.

In a fast paced business world where every company wants to trump the other, working with a software that matches and is customised to the company's requirements and preferences is a sensible choice or lets say is a customised choice.