Persystent Suite - The Complete System Management Solution

Greatstone International helps Managed Services Providers overcome the challenges associated with change, configuration, and compliance management of servers, desktops, mobile devices, cloud computing and virtualizedenvironments with our new award winning solution from Utopic Software, Persystent Suite.


We offer an effective and comprehensive solution for many use cases to manage the complexity of a fluid and changing IT environment through recovery, repair, migration, backup and imaging.

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 Some of the key benefits of our Persystent solution include:

  • Automate PC recovery: pre-boot recovery to restore a system back to the last known good/ideal state in near real-time.
  • Increase patch rate success: take an automated “snapshot” to capture a new desired state once a patch is applied. Should a patch fail, roll system back to the last known desired state..
  • Remotely migrate a system: seamlessly save user profiles, settings, applications, privileges and then restore on a new operating system...from anywhere.
  • Restore configurations: such as MS Office settings including mailboxes, signatures, ODBC settings and PST connections….even user’s choice of wallpaper.
  • Facilitate faster imaging across the enterprise: From bare metal to fully functional workstation in minutes-- without a desk-side visit. We can prove what takes 6 hours can be done in less than 1!
  • Support compliance: automatically return a system to a compliant state; and provide the ability to report on repairs/changes. This demonstrates asset control and policy enforcement.
  • Manage disaster recovery: In the face of catastrophic failure, restore the system in a few minutes once the new hardware is installed.
  • USB control manage security policies regarding the use of removable devices.

To achieve the above most similar System Management Solutions take a “snapshot” of an entire device creating a large, unmanageable library of images that require a huge amount of space to store. If an IT department is responsible for 5000 devices, that’s 5000 copies of Windows and other commonly distributed applications. The time and resource to maintain this process is oppressive and expensive. Not only do these configurations need to be updated individually (even with custom scripts), but because of all the variables, updates often fail and require manual intervention.

Persystent removes that burden through its innovative single file repository. Now a system admin need only keep 1 copy of Windows (or any other commonly shared application). Now updates need only be tested on a single instance rather than 5000 with countless permutations.

Unique configurations are easily managed as Persystent only pushes changes and variations based on corporate policies. For instance, accounting machines require an ERP application, sales needs CRM and HR needs performance management software. The single version of Windows is pushed to the individual device along with the changes to the permitted application. It’s what makes Persystent infinitely faster, more accurate and easier to manage.

Persystent uses a Windows-based PE boot engine. That means we can easily and seamlessly leverage every piece of firmware that interfaces with a PC. By using a UEFI base, we avoid the problems with BIOS. Those boot-up alternatives tied to BIO have to consider the countless variations of associated drivers. And, there are often multiple versions of associated drivers for the same manufacturer. It just becomes a tangle of custom scripting to get it all straight. Having all these variations makes boot up even slower and adds hours and degrees of difficulty to the simplest update. 

Persystent streamlines to process by keeping the process engine consistent with Windows (including all the most recent updates to the Microsoft environment.

Persystent’s flexible architecture does not require an image to be “unfrozen” before it can be updated. This removes a considerable amount of time to the update, patch and/or reimage process while still maintaining ideal state integrity.

We take an image prior to the update. Once the update is successful and test, we take a new “snapshot” of the updated image with the new change. That now becomes the current ideal state. And this can be automated though Windows Update Service or comparable tools.

One of the major areas of distinction against other tools is the speed in which Persystent operates. Recent installations confirm Persystent can consistently and repeatedly image an entire system with a solid state drive (40 GB end point, SSD drive) in under 200 seconds. Tested head to head against other options, Persystent Suite completes a round trip 8 minutes for a rotating drive (7200 RPM). That’s 75% faster than anything on the market. It also works autonomously whether a PC is on or off a network. Persystent’s speed is simply unprecedented. 



Why the need for Persystent Suite : The model for system management best practices is continually in flux as a result from evolving needs against aggressive security threats, misconfigurations, and unintentional or unauthorized changes to the system. This creates an unremitting challenge to more proactively manage the lifecycle of a device through the perpetuation of an approved ideal state and the reduction of break/fix incidents. Utopic’s Persystent Suite provides an automated and effective means to maintain control over the lifecycle through its unique and proprietary ability to “self-heal” PCs. The solution facilitates repair and recovery of compromised or misconfigured devices in near real-time and without manual intervention with a single reboot of a device.


What industry leaders say : The Stevie® Awards are the world's premier business awards Stevie Award judges include many of the world's most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators. Each of our awards programs harnesses the insights and talents of more than 200 judges every year.
The Persystent Suite won Gold at the prestigious and highly coveted Stevie Awards in the New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Systems Management Solution category beating well established brands, such as Dell Inc., and arena solutions into Bronze and Solver respectively


How powerful Persystent Suite is : Originally conceived as an imaging product, Utopic Software acquired the Persystent technology in 2013, and completely revised, innovated and advanced its capabilities as a repair and recovery solution. It was reintroduced in May 2014. As such, it became a powerful system management suite. It includes the original imaging capabilities and added the unique ability to apply corrective action to a device whether it’s on or off the network. It also provides automated and centralized configuration management, DoD-standard secure wipe/disk erasure, easy migration capabilities (for updates and patches), as well as granular reporting for compliance enforcement. Most importantly, it self-heals any machine back to an ideal state.


Why Persystent Suite is unique : Unlike any other solution on the market Persystent Suite operates as part of a pre-boot process once the system BIOS has loaded. Traditional solutions don’t apply images before the OS loads) This means, no matter how corrupted the operating system was before shut down, Persystent loads a fresh and approved version. It does this without affecting users’ data, and accomplishes the feat faster than any solution on the market-in about 45 seconds.

It doesn’t roll back to Day Zero, but rather, to the last approved image with updates controlled by IT. Essentially, it takes IT and support services out of the “reimaging business.” In a paradigm of expecting IT to do more with less, Persystent eliminates up to 70% of break-fix issues. With so many potential issues affecting critical systems, from user errors to malware infections to poor patching to catastrophic failures (“blue screen of death’) IT departments constantly need to reimage machines from scratch or spend countless hours troubleshooting and repairing.


How Persystent Suite will save you money and critical data: Consider a single instance of malware typically affects 200-300 individual files. As Persystent removes 2+ hours of repair, recovery and reimage time with a single reboot, IT departments can reprioritize resources. It promotes a culture of proactivity that not only extends the lifecycle of the device, but enforces multiple compliance requirements (most notably the demonstration of control over the continuous integrity of all network assets—SANS Critical Controls).

Gartner says more than 40% of all mission-critical IT service outages are due to people and process errors, with a significant number of those due to a lack of coordination between change, release and configuration management. Compound that with the consistent barrage of user inflicted errors and silent breach attacks the need for self-healing becomes the best and most cost effective option for Level One support. By regulating systems management with a self-heal component, auto imaging for updates and seamless means to push any authorized changes across the enterprise, Persystent helps companies achieve the desired5-9’s (99.999% availability), there is a thin line to ensure less than 5 ½ minutes of downtime a year.


Persystent Suite at a glance

As a repair recovery solution: Persystent’s automatic break/fix through reboot to ideal state solves more than 34% of all inbound calls without manual intervention.

As an imaging solution: It reduces repair and update costs and downtime by 70%; files move in the background; push authorized changes on and offline.

As a change management offering: Persystent improves success rate with patching (up to 90%); significantly reduces do-overs, troubleshooting and desk side visits.

As a configuration and compliance solution: It automatically prevents or resolves the majority of issues that lead to either degraded performance or outage.


Persystent Suite’s Feature overview

  • Repair and recover malware-infected or otherwise inoperable systems in 45 seconds with simple reboot
  • Self-heal services, process, files, apps and registry levels on or off the network; autonomously to prevent unauthorized changes
  • Corrective action against OS properties only-doesn't affect user data, honors NFTS
  • Centrally managed, reduces operational costs by automating manual platform configuration tasks
  • Includes DoD-standard secure wipe functionality.
  • Applies ideal image during pre-boot process (after BIOS)
  • Supports BitLocker encryption
  • Update images on your schedule; when new snapshot of image is applied, only what has changed is adjusted
  • Single file repository: saves only one version of an application for the enterprise
  • Multiple levels of repair: high/medium/low- company can categorize or choose a la carte what to repair on a system.

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